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An anarchist tribute to Tintin.
How long would it take the head of a big company to earn your pay? Trick question - they don't earn their pay.
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Information about Rachel Corrie, an American killed by the Israeli army in 2003.
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Carlo Giuliani was a 23 year old anarchist, killed by Italian police at a protest in 2001.
A small collection of fonts for Word and other programs, including take-offs of McDonalds and other corporate logos.
The Politician-Free Zone is the place to start if you're interested in reading about anarchist ideas. It has articles which between them answer most of the questions that people have, as well as a lot of cartoons and graphics.
A small collection of political tattoos.
As well as being politically spot on, this website also has awesome psychic powers.
Free board game based on the 1999 anti-World Trade Organization demonstrations.
PLEASE NOTE: As of November 2014, this site is no longer updated. However it will be left up indefinitely as an archive.
This is a collection of articles and pictures about anarchism. It has some general introductions, but most of the articles relate to specific issues like unemployment, child abuse, poverty, war, racism, and so on.
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General Introductions to Anarchism

ABC of Anarchism - written in the 1920s. This isn't really an article, it's a book. This is probably the best full-length introduction to anarchism that there is.
Please note that 'ABC' doesn't mean it's only written for children. At that time, any introduction could be called 'the ABC' of whatever it was. It's like the series of books "...for Dummies".
Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Chapter 4 Chapter 5 Chapter 6 Chapter 7
Chapter 8 Chapter 9 Chapter 10 Chapter 11 Chapter 12 Chapter 13
An Appeal to the Young - Written in 1880 and still relevant. The article looks at people who want to help society by becoming nurses, teachers, and so on. He shows how the system will take your good intentions and ruin them. His solution is that people should try and help by trying to change the system, instead of trying to work with it.
Down With The Bosses And Pass Those Tulips
Do You Hate Politicians?
Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Anarchism (but were afraid to ask) - Written around 1980, again still completely relevant.

Articles About Being In An Anarchist Group

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Anarchism (but were afraid to ask)
Organising A Local Group
Seven Steps to Starting A Food Not Bombs
Food Not Bombs is a series of local groups, mostly made up of anarchists, that collect vegan food and give it out for free. Their website has more information.
When reading these articles, remember that starting a new group is the biggest and hardest way to go about it. You'd almost always start by joining an existing group. Check the Anarchist Yellow Pages or Infoshop.org, or contact us.

Articles on Specific Issues

Animals and Environment

Animal Cruelty Leads to Human Cruelty
Land Rover


Banks Are Bastards: Four pictures sending up the major Australian banks -
Commonwealth Bank National Australia Bank ANZ Westpac
Mortgages - people's dream of owning their own home is being replaced by the bank's dream of owning their own people.


Hypocrites in High Places - about child abuse and crime.
Snakes and Lads - when is rape not rape? When the rapists have rich enough parents...
The Kids Are Our Future - a more general article on child abuse.


Some Ideas for Community Action - article about how anarchism could be put into practice on a local level.

Crime, Police, and Prisons

Are You A Copper?. This is a big picture and may be hard to read on some browsers. If you have problems, save it and then open the file through a graphics program.
Being A Yob Is No Crime
Let's Play
Most Prisoners....
To Protect and Serve

The Economy

Careful, He Might Hear You. Two versions of this graphic about the wage system. One talks about dollars, the other one talks about pounds.
National Museum of the Middle Class Opens in Schaumburg, IL
Property Is Death - on a small scale as well as a large one, the economic system isn't just unfair, or inefficient, it's deadly.
To the Upper Class
We Are Being Robbed - shows that all bosses rip off their employees (and would even if they didn't want to).
What's Wrong With The Economy? - when there are so many jobs that need doing and aren't being done, why are so many people unemployed?
If you read 'What's Wrong With the Economy?' from this section, and then 'Who Wants War?' from the war section, you'll see that they talk about basically the same things, even though the two issues don't seem very related. This often happens once you start learning about anarchism. Problems that you might have thought had little or nothing to do with each other, turn out to have the same basic causes.

Martin Luther King

These articles are about Martin Luther King. For quotes by Martin Luther King, see here
The Martin Luther King You Don't See On TV - at the end of his life, Martin Luther King came to see that wealth, not race, was the basic division in society.
The Other Doctor King - a slightly longer article with the same theme.

Nationalism, Patriotism, Racism, and Immigration

Migration Is Not A Crime - featuring everyone's favourite non-white Peruvian illegal immigrant. Photographed by Mogachu (slightly edited in Photoshop by me).
Nazi Brains
Patriotism - the Virtue of the Vicious


Summer of Rage - a column by British humourist Charlie Brooker.
Whoever You Vote For, A Politician Always Gets In - Looking at politicians' statements gives some telling results.
Why Is Everything So Horrible? comic by Winston Rowntree.

The Third World

Myths About Hunger - what really causes starvation in the Third World.
Humanitarian Aid
Why People Are Starving - short set of facts about the distribution of wealth.
Your Money Or Your Life - explains the problems caused by the World Bank, International Monetary Fund, and similar institutions.


All the Arms We Need - peace banner, photographed by gitboy (slightly edited in Photoshop by me).
Blood For Oil
Dulce Et Decorum Est
Ever Thought of Joining? - blackly funny billboard alteration. Photographed by Annette Ellis.
How To Start A War
Join the Army
Mutiny: A Noble Tradition - many soldiers have realised who their true enemy was.
This War Is Brought To You By...
War Is A Racket - Edited version of an article by a former US Marine Corps Major General, who decided that the military was no better than an international version of the Mafia. Written in 1935.
War President. A picture of former President Bush, made up of pictures of Western soldiers who have died in the Iraq war. No one seems to have done an equivalent for President Obama yet. There is a small (107k), medium (1.14M), and large (4.35M) version.
Who Wants War? - explains the economic reasons that cause wars.


If This Lady Was A Car...
Repairing the Damage, Before Roe - a retired doctor describes the days before legal abortions in the United States.


The Balloon
Flexibility and Change
The Rabbit and the Snake
Restructuring A Dead Horse
Studies Find Reward Often No Motivator - deals with the 'common sense' idea that 'nobody would do any work if they didn't have to'.
Top Ten Problems With Working In A Cubicle
Translating Management-Speak
Two-Storey Outhouse


How Not To Frame A Picture - Right-wing Australian radio commentator Alan Jones doing some public speaking. "I'm a country member". Yes Alan, we remember...
Resistance Is Useful - joining the anarchist movement might be good for your health...
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