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"Mortgages should come with a public health warning because the struggle to keep up with payments is making millions of people sick, said the British Medical Association yesterday" (Times, 27 May). .
"Many who fall behind with their mortgage payments become so fearful of losing their home that they drink and smoke too much, their relationships break down and they even have more car crashes because they are so preoccupied", one contributor to the BMA report, Housing and Health, said.
While repossession is at its lowest level for years -"only" about a hundred people a week are still losing their homes - any slump in the housing market could trigger "a return to the traumas of the 1990s, when more than a million people had their homes repossessed".
A sad commentary on what was sold to us [in Britain] as a "home-owning democracy". But in every way, the present organization of society inevitably involves money worries for millions.
Capitalism means the wages system, and that means that those who have to work for their living are dependent on their next pay-packet for buying necessary supplies - or sometimes, just to pay the interest on their credit cards, overdrafts, mortgages and all the other borrowings that capitalism imposes on its workers.
The "struggle to keep up with payments", which makes" millions of people sick", will continue until capitalism makes enough of us sick to bring about a different system. It isn't only mortgages that need a public health warning: it's capitalism.
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