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We Are Being Robbed
Most people will spend most of their lives working for someone else.
Obviously your work will make money for your boss. And obviously you'll get some money back as wages. The fair thing would be if you got paid what your work was worth. If you made $100 for the business, your work is worth $100. So that would be a fair amount to pay you.
But if that happened, then the boss wouldn't make any money out of you.
So what they'll do is pay you less than the fair amount - less than what your work is worth, or in other words less than what you make for the business.
One of my friends who worked in a call centre was told that every time someone called in sick, that cost the business $1000. That means that her work was worth about $5000 a week. Of course she wasn't getting $5000 a week, or anything like it.
Say you get $600 a week before tax. Your work is probably worth at least $6000 profit for your employer, less your $600 wage.
In other words, they don't pay you $600. You pay them $5400, for the privilege of working for them! To put it another way - you probably earn your pay by lunchtime on Monday. The rest of the week you're being ripped off.
This is a great system if you're a boss. You get to make money out of other people's work. You also get to be important and tell people what to do. It's not so good if you're a worker like most people. You get to spend most of your life working, you get to be told what to do for the whole time, and you get to be robbed every time you go to work.
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