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Carlo Giuliani was a 23 year old anarchist, killed by Italian police at a protest in 2001.
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Property Is Death
People aren't only made sick by capitalism, they die from it, as you can see in all the many conflicts going on at this moment round the world. But private property kills on a small scale, as well as a large.
At a pawnbroker's shop in north London, a Securitas cash box was being delivered recently. To keep this instalment of private property sacrosanct, the box was fitted with "a small explosive device", which "released smoke and dye" if anyone tampered with the box (London Times, 27 May). As a further protection, the box was handed over through an airlock.
Two women assistants were in the staff-only part of the shop, where the valuables were protected "by barred windows and a locked fire exit which needed four keys to open it". The explosive device malfunctioned, setting fire to the premises, but the women could not get through the locks and bars which surrounded them, and they both died.
Firefighters couldn't get in soon enough. The brother of one of the women called her on his mobile phone, and had to listen helplessly as she choked to death. The inquest jury were told how one of the women put her hand through the bars of the customer's window, and a fireman held her hand until she died.
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