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An introduction to the site and information on the latest things that've been added to it.
A small collection of political tattoos.
Information about Rachel Corrie, an American killed by the Israeli army in 2003.
The latest Australian and international news, facts and quotes.
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As well as being politically spot on, this website also has awesome psychic powers.
How long would it take the head of a big company to earn your pay? Trick question - they don't earn their pay.
A small collection of fonts for Word and other programs, including take-offs of McDonalds and other corporate logos.
Carlo Giuliani was a 23 year old anarchist, killed by Italian police at a protest in 2001.
An anarchist tribute to Tintin.
The Politician-Free Zone is the place to start if you're interested in reading about anarchist ideas. It has articles which between them answer most of the questions that people have, as well as a lot of cartoons and graphics.
Free board game based on the 1999 anti-World Trade Organization demonstrations.
PLEASE NOTE: As of November 2014, this site is no longer updated. However it will be left up indefinitely as an archive.
This small collection of fonts was designed for anarchist groups to use in fliers etc, but should be useful or fun for lots of people. Click on any picture to download that font. To install a font on a PC, you put it in the 'fonts' folder. The best way to get to this folder is via the control panel (press the 'start' button, then 'control panel'). Choosing to save the file might be more reliable than choosing to open it.
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This font is used by the band Chumbawamba.
This 'font' is actually a collection of pictures.
This font will appear in your font list (in Word for example) as '! Pepsi', which can make it easy to miss it.
If you want to copy the McDonalds logo, use the capital 'M' of either of either 'McFont' or 'McLawsuit', or the small 'm' of 'CapitalisPirata' or 'The Spectacle', followed by lettering in Arial, Arial Black or a similar font.
This font is used by the band Queens of the Stone Age.
Video games haven't had any effect. If they had, kids'd be running around in the dark taking pills and listening to repetitive electronic music...
Based on the logo for the band Metallica. To make the reversed capitals, like the 's' at the end of this graphic, you need to hold down the 'alt' key while you press four numbers. This file tells you which numbers you need for which letter (right click and choose 'save target as' to save this file on a PC).
You need to download both these files to get Diablo to come out properly in both normal and bold.