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Carlo Giuliani was a 23 year old anarchist, killed by Italian police at a protest in 2001.
The latest Australian and international news, facts and quotes.
An introduction to the site and information on the latest things that've been added to it.
An anarchist tribute to Tintin.
How long would it take the head of a big company to earn your pay? Trick question - they don't earn their pay.
Information about Rachel Corrie, an American killed by the Israeli army in 2003.
A small collection of political tattoos.
The Politician-Free Zone is the place to start if you're interested in reading about anarchist ideas. It has articles which between them answer most of the questions that people have, as well as a lot of cartoons and graphics.
A small collection of fonts for Word and other programs, including take-offs of McDonalds and other corporate logos.
Useful or fun stuff on other sites.
Free board game based on the 1999 anti-World Trade Organization demonstrations.
As well as being politically spot on, this website also has awesome psychic powers.
PLEASE NOTE: As of November 2014, this site is no longer updated. However it will be left up indefinitely as an archive.
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Anarres Books
Anarres is an Australia-wide anarchist book mail-order.
'Hinze': Australian political cartoons
Cartoons by David Pope aka Heinrich Hinze
International Solidarity Movement
The group that Rachel Corrie and Tom Hurndall were members of.
Free program which lets you download music, pictures and other files from the internet for free. IMPORTANT NOTE: The site for Shareaza used to be www.shareaza.com. However this has become the site for a commercial application, which pretends to be a new version of Shareaza.
SchNews is a weekly news report from England which is similar to All the News That Fits.
The West Memphis Three
Three American teenagers who were found guilty of murder, without any real evidence.
Bias Tests
Test yourself for biased ideas that you might not realise you have.
The Meatrix
Flash animation about the meat industry
Animal Rights Videos
Videos about animal rights from the US
Capitalism and Other Kids' Stuff
Very good half-hour video
Anarchist Yellow Pages
Guide to anarchist groups around the world...not always up to date. There's a less complete list at Infoshop.org.