What's This Page All About?
Age of Fable is a free role-playing game which you play through your web browser. Its style is deliberately 'retro', based on the gamebooks whose popularity peaked in the 80s such as Fighting Fantasy, Lone Wolf, Tunnels and Trolls, and Fabled Lands.
If you haven't heard of gamebooks, they were similar to Choose Your Own Adventure books. However they had extra rules, and were usually set in a fantasy world (similar to Lord of The Rings or Xena: Warrior Princess).
In any case, the easiest way to find out how Age of Fable works is probably to go back to the main page, create a character, and start playing.
How Do You Win?
There are several winning endings to Age of Fable. However I won't tell you more than that. A big part of the fun of the game is exploring for yourself. Even though a lot of your characters are likely to die, bear in mind that you can win.
Does It Cost Anything?
No, there is no cost to play Age of Fable. You don't even need to register a username, or give your email - you can just go to the site and start playing.
Can I Save My Game?
Age of Fable is designed to work without any 'extras', like requiring you to have a username or requiring you to log in to play. The way you save your game is to select one of the little quill and pen icons next to the choices (they look like this: ). Click on the choice you want to take when you start playing again. It'll load a new page, where you'll get a long string of code. Put this string into a program like Word or Notepad and save it. Then, when you want to start again, get the code and paste it into a web broswer.
Do You Make Money From the Advertising?
No, the advertising money is entirely used to promote Age of Fable on other sites.
How Do I Give Feedback?
You can email me directly - news (at) apolitical (dot) info - or use the guestbook (this will open in a new window).
Where Does the Art Come From?
The artwork is mainly from the Elfwood site. Please note any art here that says it's copyright, is just that, and is used with permission. You may not use any copyrighted art from here without asking the artists. There will be a link to their homepage above the picture so you can contact them.
Which Art Can I Copy, Save or Use?
You can use any artwork which has the message above it 'artwork by...', rather than 'artwork copyright...'.
How Do Rolls Work?
Every so often the game will give you a message like 'Charisma roll, difficulty 20' - some combination of an attribute and a number. The computer simulates rolling 2 normal dice, giving a number from 2 to 12, and adds that to the relevant attribute. If the total is higher than the difficulty number, you have succeeded. If it isn't, you've failed. If the result is 'ADVANCED', this means you've succeeded and gained 1 point of that attribute.
Magic rolls have the special effect that, if you fail, you lose 1 or 2 Stamina (randomly determined). However, you can't die from this effect (ie your Stamina will never go below 1 as a result of failing a Magic roll).
When Do You Get 'ADVANCED'?
If you make a roll and score over the difficulty by at least five, the computer simulates rolling a 20 sided dice. If that number if higher than the attribute, the result is 'ADVANCED'.
Note that in the case of Stamina, the first roll is compared to your current Stamina, but the 20 sided dice roll is compared to your maximum Stamina, and that's what goes up by 1.
How Do Blessings Work?
Blessings are an idea taken from the 'Fabled Lands' series. You can get various kinds of blessings, usually at temples. Most blessings relate to a particular attribute, and 'trigger' the first time you fail a roll in a particular attribute. The result will be displayed as 'BLESSING', this will be treated in the game as if you made the roll, and that particular blessing will be used up. There's no limit to how many blessings you can have at a time. Dwarves have a disadvantage, in that half the time their blessings will fail to work (giving the message 'blessing failed').
I Never Roll a Good Enough Character!
You can re-roll your character as often as you want before you start; but the game adjusts the results each time so that the total of your attributes is always exactly 130 (an average of 10 for each attribute, except for Stamina and Heroism which average to 15).
You can also choose to 'design a custom character': this will let you choose your own scores - however, again, the total has to be exactly 130.
If you want to play a particular type of character - for example a troll or a courtesan - you can 'choose a pre-generated character'. This will show you all of the 19 different types of character, and you can choose the one you want.
Why Are There Two Numbers For Stamina?
Stamina is different to the other characteristics, in that it has a maximum number. This is its starting number plus 5, or a total of 25, whichever is lower.
The first number is your current Stamina, the second is the maximum. So for example "12/20" means you currently have a Stamina of 12, and it can go as high as 20.
When you make Stamina rolls, they're always based on the first number, the current score.
If your current Stamina score ever gets to zero or less, then your character dies and the game ends.