Heroism +2
You trudge through the deep snow.
Luck roll, difficulty 20 - made it
The wind is bitter and the snow against your skin feels like sling stones.
Scouting roll, difficulty 20 - made it
But as you get closer it gets warmer, as if the citizens of the city were coals and the city itself a great furnace.
Eventually you arrive at Karrakara.
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artwork by David Roberts (slightly altered)
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Stamina:8/13 (sickly)
Charisma:8 (annoying)
Duelling:3 (clumsy)
Brawling:2 (puny)
Seafaring:9 (fair)
Magic:19 (overwhelming)
Heroism:11 (selfish)
Scouting:11 (good)
Roguery:3 (poor)
Luck:19 (blessed)
Healing:19 (legendary)
Streetwise:20 (cunning as a shithouse rat)
Cowrie Shells:20
You have no blessings.
your war-hammer
You have no companions.