Your crimes are so grave that you're cast out of Faerie. You're banished to Karrakara; the greatest city in the world, and the centre of all that is worldly. Your wings are clipped, your blessings almost gone, and you are condemned to time and death. You vow that you'll find your way back.
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Picture in the letter by Dominique Crouzet
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artwork by Rene Magritte
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Stamina:6/11 (sickly)
Charisma:19 (mesmerising)
Duelling:1 (clumsy)
Brawling:1 (puny)
Seafaring:1 (gets seasick in the bath)
Magic:19 (overwhelming)
Heroism:15 (good-hearted)
Scouting:10 (fair)
Roguery:19 (legendary)
Luck:19 (blessed)
Healing:15 (great)
Streetwise:5 (foolish)
Cowrie Shells:0
Luck (1)
your machete
You have no companions.