You've spent years climbing up from the gutter, only to find yourself unable to bear your Lord any longer.
ou wait until a clear morning, when the sea's as flat as a mirror, and make your way to the jetty to set out for the great city of Karrakara. Your ship, really a coracle with ideas above its station, slips into the water. You look at your small pile of cowrie shells, the islands' most common currency. You wonder whether you should return some to the sea god Numen Mari, to ensure a safe journey.
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Picture in the letter by Dominique Crouzet
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artwork copyright Azalea
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Athousandapologies Abi-Simti
Stamina:10/15 (unhealthy)
Charisma:20 (mesmerising)
Duelling:5 (slow)
Brawling:4 (weak)
Seafaring:3 (landlubber)
Magic:16 (great)
Heroism:23 (heroic)
Scouting:3 (terrible)
Roguery:5 (mediocre)
Luck:20 (blessed)
Healing:4 (poor)
Streetwise:17 (cunning as a fox)
Cowrie Shells:20
You have no blessings.
your machete
You have no companions.