Your boat is wrecked en route to the great city of Karrakara, and it seems that only you survive.
You wash ashore on a small island. The beach is littered with various flotsam other than yourself, including the corpse of a creature with the lower body of a woman, but the upper body of a fish. The interior of the island is thick forest. In the distance you can see another island. Smoke tells you that it is inhabited. Although you aren't sure, it looks to you like Karrakara.
Swim for the other islandsave your game
Try to make a raftsave your game
Explore the forestsave your game
Examine the fish-woman's corpsesave your game
Wait in hope of rescuesave your game
Picture in the letter by Dominique Crouzet
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artwork by Rene Magritte
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Stamina:11/16 (unhealthy)
Charisma:11 (innocuous)
Duelling:4 (clumsy)
Brawling:17 (powerful)
Seafaring:13 (good)
Magic:18 (superb)
Heroism:6 (wicked)
Scouting:15 (great)
Roguery:3 (poor)
Luck:4 (ill-starred)
Healing:9 (fair)
Streetwise:19 (cunning as a shithouse rat)
Cowrie Shells:20
You have no blessings.
your mace
You have no companions.