You've grown tired of forging swords for others to use. You make a sword for yourself - and, having committed the hanging crime of using the communal forge for your own ends, decide to commit another by stealing a bagful of cowrie shells, the most common form of currency, from your clan's treasury. You leave the mountain you've known all your life and set out through the forest for the city to which all thieves go, Karrakara.
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Picture in the letter by Dominique Crouzet
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artwork by Theodor Kittelsen
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Sparrow Ragnvald
Stamina:21/25 (robust)
Charisma:1 (repulsive)
Duelling:11 (average)
Brawling:19 (legendary)
Seafaring:2 (gets seasick in the bath)
Magic:9 (fair)
Heroism:19 (bold)
Scouting:13 (good)
Roguery:13 (good)
Luck:4 (ill-starred)
Healing:5 (mediocre)
Streetwise:13 (alert)
Cowrie Shells:40
You have no blessings.
your sword
You have no companions.