You realise you can't spend another freezing winter day in this town. You resolve to set out for the great city of Karrakara.

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Picture in the letter by Dominique Crouzet
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artwork by Jules Laurens (edited)
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Temperance Jobsworth
Stamina:24/25 (unstoppable)
Charisma:15 (charming)
Duelling:1 (clumsy)
Brawling:1 (puny)
Seafaring:19 (old salt)
Magic:1 (powerless)
Heroism:19 (bold)
Scouting:19 (legendary)
Roguery:1 (terrible)
Luck:14 (auspicious)
Healing:15 (great)
Streetwise:1 (babe in the woods)
Cowrie Shells:20
You have no blessings.
your war-hammer
You have no companions.