Cute Board Heroes is a series of pictures of characters for fantasy role-playing games.
The idea is that you get the picture, print and cut it out, and use the figures instead of having to buy miniatures.
To make the figures, cut them out and fold into a triangle shape, with one 'base' over the other. If you put a counter or coin over the base the figures will be less likely to blow around.
As the name might imply, the idea is based on Cardboard Heroes.
The figures are fan-art, drawn in the style of the webcomic .
Click on a character to get a sheet with that character and others.
by boomwolf,
flame master axel,
lavidor & sturmhauke
by yeril
by flame master axel,
simius, szilard
by bloddyredcommie,
boomwolf, caracol,
lavidor, neophyte
by bayar, bisected8,
healos, onasuma,
& pikonn
by yeril
by vulion
by yeril
kpenguin has made some sets which are on a smaller scale,
so that humans fit in a 1 inch square. Click on the figure to get each set:
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