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This page gives ideas for adventures, that can be used for stories or role-playing games.
It's not designed to write entire plots, but to give you ideas to start you off.
For example, if it tells you that 'a boggy field, buzzing with stinging insects' is a goal, maybe a powerful magic item is lost in that field,
or it's a useless territory disputed by two arrogant warlords, and the goal is to negotiate peace.
The ideas are designed for fantasy (for example Dungeons and Dragons, Lord of the Rings),
although you might find it interesting to try and 'translate' them into another style, say science fiction.
For example, with the same goal, perhaps it's a landing field on another planet, but the insect-like locals consider it sacred ground.
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Someone who makes offerings to the gods of luck and fortune, admires acrobats and graceful atheletes, and follows a strange and improbable cult.
Someone who loves boxing, wrestling and other violent sports, will eat only fruits, vegetables and grains, and loves the water and swims well.
The fey and unfriendly guardians of an enchanted glade.
Someone who admires the just and loves nothing more than luxury.
Someone who would rather be prosperous than good, loves to sing and make music, and enjoys luxury and indulgence.
An embalming jar, filled with dessicated and preserved baboon hearts.
Someone who is widely read and well educated and likes to haggle, bargain and trade.
The much-contested wedding of the province's great beauty.
A high, many-towered wall on a fierce border.
Silk slippers which make their wearer invisible.
There is another group of characters similar to the heroes 'competing' on the same adventure,
with very different goals for the outcome.
programmed by James Hutchings using the Adventure Funnel structure, and adventure ideas by
Stan Taylor, Lumpley Games, Mazes and Minotaurs, The RPG Site, Cumberland Games & Diversions,
Adventures on the Fly, Old Guard Gaming Accoutrements and The Big List of RPG Plots.
Thanks to RPGPundit and Adventure!
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