Please note, you won't find the sites of any of the people involved in making Age of Fable here; they're on the credits page.
My blog, in which I give details of a fantasy world based on the world in Age of Fable.
Flashing Swords
A magazine of fantasy short stories, which is no longer published (the link goes to a copy of the site on the Internet Archive).
Quest Markup Language
A free site which seems to be designed to let you make games similar to Age of Fable.
Fabled Lands Application
A free program which allows you to play the six linked books of the 'Fabled Lands' series.
Project Aon
The 'Lone Wolf' series, and related gamebooks, available for free download.
Heart of Ice
'Heart of Ice', one of the best gamebooks of the 80s, for free download.
Dwarfstar Games
Science fiction and fantasy games from the 80s available for free download, including 'Barbarian Prince' and 'Star Smuggler', two boardgames that work like gamebooks.
Fighting Fantasy Project
Fan-made gamebooks using the 'Fighting Fantasy' rules (and setting in most cases), available to play online. The best one on there is probably 'Outsider'.
Fantasy and science-fiction art site (mostly fantasy), and the origin of most of the copyrighted artwork on this site.
Down to the Scum Quarter
A small, tongue-in-cheek gamebook by Australian author Garth Nix.
Mansion of Maleficence
An amateur gamebook, obviously inspired by the Fighting Fantasy book 'House of Hell', with a modern horror theme. Requires you to roll your own dice and keep track of your own stats.
The above-mentioned 'Outsider', in text format. It doesn't include the basic FF rules - if you need them, go here.