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A collection of free tables for fantasy role-playing games.
Welcome to Tables for Fables. This is a collection of random tables, all of which:
  • have a fantasy theme,
  • are systemless - that is, don't use statistics or terms from a single game, and
  • use only normal, six-sided dice (d6s).
If you have a table that you want to contribute, please email me (news AT apolitical DOT info).
You can look at all 342 tables, or look at tables in a specific category:
Magic and Religion(36 entries)
Treasure(23 entries)
Wilderness and Worlds(52 entries)
Dungeons and Combat(42 entries)
Personalising Characters(90 entries)
Settlements and Countries(82 entries)
Adventure Ideas(87 entries)
Creating Creatures(32 entries)
Please note that magic items are in the Treasure section, not the Magic and Religion section.
Many of the ideas in these tables are used in the automatic Adventure Ideas Generator.
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