Mother Teresa defended a child-abusing priest, and helped him return to the ministry where he committed his crime and where he offended again, according to new-found documents.

Donald McGuire was removed from ministry for sexually abusing a Bay Area boy in 1993. Mother Teresa apparently wrote to his superiors urging that she had learned of the “sad events which took [McGuire] from his priestly ministry these past seven months” and that “I understand how grave is the scandal touching the priesthood in the U.S.A. and how careful we must be to guard the purity and reputation of that priesthood,” but that “I must say, however, that I have confidence and trust in Fr. McGuire and wish to see his vital ministry resume as soon as possible.”

McGuire was allowed to resume active ministry. Eight additional complaints were lodged against him in the coming years by various families, leading to his eventual arrest on sex-abuse charges in 2005. He was convicted, and is currently serving a 25-year federal prison sentence.

Mother Teresa died in 1997, and is likely to be made a saint by the church.

(Source: SF Weekly [US])

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