One in five women in the U.S. has been raped at some point in their lives, a survey found, and most victims experienced sexual violence before age 25.

The report by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is based on national survey data collected in 2011. The findings were similar to a survey a year earlier. More than 12,000 interviews of men and women were conducted in English and Spanish over a year.

More than 19 percent of women and almost 2 percent of men have been raped at one point in their lives, according to the 2011 data, an increase of about 1 percentage point from a year earlier. In addition, 44 percent of women and 23 percent of men said they have experienced other forms of sexual violence in their lives, including unwanted sexual contact and sexual coercion.

“That’s down from 20 years ago, but it’s still an overwhelming number,” said Scott Berkowitz, president of the Washington-based Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network.

The survey found that 79 percent of female rape victims and 71 percent of male victims were first assaulted before they were 25 years old.

Universities are failing to address cases sufficiently, said Berkowitz. More than 40 percent of 440 colleges surveyed hadn’t investigated a sexual assault in the past five years, according to a July report by U.S. Senator Claire McCaskill, a Missouri Democrat.


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A Catholic priest expelled from the Melbourne diocese for sexual abuse has been allowed to resume his duties in an overseas parish despite an explicit warning from Archbishop Denis Hart to the church hierarchy in Bosnia.

Father Mato Krizanac, who spent more than a decade at the Croatian Catholic Church in Clifton Hill, was permanently stripped of all clerical duties in June by Archbishop Hart following a 12-month investigation into claims he abused an Adelaide girl in the mid-1980s.

However, Father Krizanac immediately returned to a clerical role in Bosnia with the apparent permission of the Archbishop of Sarajevo, who ignored the damning findings of the church’s independent commissioner in Melbourne, Peter O’Callaghan, QC.

Less than a month after being placed on permanent administrative leave in Melbourne, Father Krizanac celebrated Mass alongside senior Bosnian priests, including a local bishop and a Croatian army chaplain.

It is understood that the 60-year-old’s position in the parish in Croatia became untenable only when local media republished a report about his sexual misconduct in mid-August.

“Krizanac has suddenly vanished as [the] story hit Bosnia,” a source close to Krizanac said. “Bosnian TV [is reporting] that Father Krizanac was removed from the parish in Bosnia after the articles were published in The Age and a number of Bosnian and Croatian newspapers.”

The location of Father Krizanac is currently unknown.

The allegations involved the sexual abuse of the underage daughter of a Croatian volunteer at an Adelaide church in the mid-1980s.

“When Krizanac was replaced, the new priest was told by the aunt and did nothing,” a source close to Krizanac said. “In the end, when other cases of child abuse started piling up, the aunt finally succeeded in convincing the girl to report the abuse.”

The church referred the allegations to South Australia police in April 2013, one month before placing Father Krizanac on “administrative leave” pending the outcome of the independent investigation.

No criminal charges have been filed because the alleged victim has refused to assist police.

The Adelaide-based victim received an ex gratia payment, which the Catholic Archdiocese of Melbourne insisted did not involve a binding confidentiality clause.

(Source: The Age)

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The wealth gap between black and white people in the United States is larger than that between black and white people in apartheid-era South Africa.

The New York Times report that white people in America, on average, own almost 18 times as much as blacks. In South Africa in 1970, the ratio was about 15 times.

The black-white income gap is roughly 40 percent greater today than it was in 1967.

(Source: New York Times)

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A Victorian Labor Party figure is facing weapon charges and had his local council election partly bankrolled by an alleged Calabrian Mafia boss.

Moreland City councillor Michael Teti is facing three firearms charges and, according to court records, had a warrant issued for his arrest after failing to appear in court in May.

Donation records show Cr Teti, who controls a Labor Party branch and has used his factional power to influence the selection of state ALP candidates, received several thousand dollars in political donations from figures or firms closely connected to the Calabrian Mafia in 2012.

A firm called Alta Strada gave Cr Teti $1000 and is directed by the alleged boss of Melbourne’s Mafia. Several of his closest associates have also donated to Cr Teti, and Cr Teti works for his brother, a convicted Mafia standover man who has previously been jailed for serious offences.

(Source: The Age)

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Two former G4s guards have reportedly been arrested and charged with the murder of 23-year-old Reza Barati, an Iranian asylum seeker beaten to death during unrest inside the immigration detention centre on Manus Island.

Papua New Guinea’s police commissioner, Jim Andrews, told the ABC a man was arrested in Kimbe province on Monday after a months-long search. A Manus local was arrested in July but it was not publicised by police.

Both men have now been charged with murder, the report said.

It is believed authorities are still searching for other people involved in the unrest and Barati’s death, including a Salvation Army worker who fled Manus.

Barati died from severe head injuries sustained during the second night of violence inside the immigration detention centre in February of this year.

The Australian Federal Police denied claims in the report that it had helped their PNG counterparts with the investigation.

The Greens immigration spokeswoman, Sarah Hanson-Young, said the murder charges involving Australian government-funded employees should lead to the detention centre being closed.

(Source: The Guardian)

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An expert has described the treatment of some refugees as “our Guantanamo.”

At least one in four refugees locked in indefinite detention on the basis of secret ASIO findings has attempted or threatened suicide.

Several of the 44 refugees have now been incarcerated more than five years without charge in Melbourne and Sydney, and none are allowed to know the detail of the secret assessments used to justify their detention, or to appeal.

The heavy psychological toll has led to extraordinary rates of depression, anxiety and self-harm.

The 42 men and two women have been officially recognised as refugees and almost universally report a history of torture and trauma.

They are refused visas to live in Australia but cannot be sent home for fear of persecution.

Australia’s policy of indefinite detention of the refugees with adverse security findings was found by the United Nations last August to be in breach of more than 140 international laws and conventions. A year later, the government is yet to respond to the ruling.

Sydney University law professor Ben Saul, who took the case to the UN, said the government had detained refugees without charge or trial in cruel, inhuman or degrading conditions.

“This is our Guantanamo, a legal black hole of indefinite detention that is beyond the rule of law [and] fairness,” Professor Saul said.

(Source: Sydney Morning Herald)

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Youth unemployment has hit a 15-year high in Victoria.

The average Victorian youth unemployment rate for the year to July 2014 was 13.8 per cent, up from 12.3 per cent from the same period a year earlier.

Brotherhood of St Laurence executive director Tony Nicholson warned that Victoria was “hurtling towards a social disaster”.

(Source: The Age)

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The Catholic Church’s Melbourne archdiocese could afford to double or triple its $75,000 cap on compensation for sexual abuse victim, according to its executive director of administration.

The royal commission into child sexual abuse is investigating the effectiveness of the church’s Melbourne Response, which has paid more than $17 million to 326 abuse victims since 1996.

Asked whether the archdiocese of Melbourne could afford a doubling or tripling of its current cap on compensation payments, Francis Moore, its executive director of administration, said: “I think it would certainly require some adjustments to the way the Archdiocese operated, and whether the archdiocese could continue all of the programs that it currently provides – could it be managed? Yes, I suspect it could. But not without impacts elsewhere.”

The archdiocese had an operating surplus of $4.3 million in 2013, and net assets of $222 million.

(Source: The Age)

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Police are often the provocateurs of violence during demonstrations, according to new research.

The Deciding Force project, based at the University of California, Berkeley, has been studying clashes between law enforcement and protestors in 192 cities during Occupy demonstrations in 2011.

The research team found that protests tend to turn violent when officers use aggressive tactics, such as approaching demonstrators in riot gear or lining up in military-like formations.

Recent events in Ferguson are a good example, the study’s lead researcher said. For nearly two weeks, activists angered by a white police officer’s fatal shooting of an unarmed black teenager have ratcheted up their protests when confronted by heavily armed police forces.

“Everything starts to turn bad when you see a police officer come out of an SUV and he’s carrying an AR-15 [rifle],” said Nick Adams, a sociologist and fellow at UC Berkeley’s Institute for Data Science who leads the Deciding Force Project “It just upsets the crowd.”

Adams said many law enforcement agencies aren’t aware that they set the tone of a protest and end up inflaming it.

In one October 2011 protest over the clearing of an Occupy encampment outside Oakland City Hall, officers fired tear gas and projectiles into crowds, injuring several activists. One of them, Iraq war veteran Scott Olsen, was critically hurt and settled a lawsuit against the city in March for $4.5 million.


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Online posts by members of the Melbourne University Liberal Club.

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